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About Victory UAV

Victory UAV Pilot Training provides the training you need to get certified as a UAV operator per Transportation Canada guidelines.
By the end of our courses, you’ll meet all of Transport Canada’s requirements for Drone piloting.

Why You Need Training

Effective June 1, 2019, the Government of Canada requires certification for everyone operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or Drones heavier than 250g.

Our UAV / Drone Pilot Training

Our courses make it easy to get certified as a UAV operator!

Feedback From Our Students

Russ Cleroux
Russ Cleroux
I contacted Victory UAV for a Flight Review to complete my Advanced Drone Pilot Certification. Sheri Foley was very accommodating with the review schedule and location. I was sent the Flight Review requirement summary that helped tremendously to get up to speed on what is required to complete the review. Had a great experience and l glad l choose Victory UAV.
Jay Shaw
Jay Shaw
Great course that helps you for taking your exam. Highly recommended
Terry Mckinnon
Terry Mckinnon
Very good course passed my basic drone pilot first try
Ali Sahin
Ali Sahin
Awesome Course

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