2021: The Year Ahead In Drones

There is no denying that drones have enhanced the retail, lifestyle, and commercial spaces of our world today. Advances in technology have made opportunities for those that have a drone license even more wide-ranging than before.

This means that getting UAV pilot training, such as the programs offered by VICTORY UAV in Canada, can put you in the prime position of reaping great rewards in a burgeoning industry that is set for several exciting growth factors in the year ahead. Here are some of the hottest trends expected for the drone industry in 2021.


1. Having a drone license will enable users to tap into UX (user experience) opportunities

User-centric software is becoming big news for the drone industry. This has been brought about due to enhanced focus on the safety of using drones – including preventing drone accidents and avoiding potential hazards. Together with Transport Canada Certification and UAV pilot training, drone operators will be better equipped to safely perform drone flights and protect equipment from damage thanks to enhanced expertise.

2. Drones will continue to play an important role in agriculture

The role that drones play in the agriculture industry will continue to grow as the demand for consumption by consumers continues to grow. Key areas where drones will become even more prominent include monitoring livestock, surveying crops and lands, and, in some cases, using suitable drone equipment to fertilize lands.

3. Drones will play a big part in insurance claims

Insurance companies are expected to increasingly make use of drone technology for situations where damages occur in hard to photograph or film areas. Thanks to this technology and ease of use, drone footage will play a big part in conveying information more swiftly and allow insurance providers to more successfully file claims on their client’s behalf.

4. Law enforcement will continue to benefit from the use of drone footage 

Pilots who have had UAV pilot training and a drone license will continue to play a vital role when it comes to assisting law enforcement agencies in various situations, including following suspected criminals and surveying potential dangerous areas which are not always accessible by other means. Having a Transport Canada Certification will remain vital for either law enforcement officers operating drones or those who are trained to ensure compliance and best practices.

5. Inexpensive drones will remain popular for a variety of uses

Hobby drones were estimated to cross the 4.3 million barrier in 2020, and their popularity continues to soar with many households operating drones for a variety of uses. Many businesses are likely to continue their use of drones to optimize client experiences and offerings for footage related to promotion properties.


A modern solution for an ever-changing world

An increasing amount of Special Flight Operating Certificates are being issued for Beyond Visual line of Sight Flying. Exciting news for more commercial applications of drone flying.

Bearing the COVID-19 pandemic and its fluctuating impact on the world in mind, drones are without a doubt a vital element that will benefit the industry in 2021. Reducing human contact while also generating valuable content and services, drones operated under Transport Canada Certification will remain viable and needed.

For those interested in UAV pilot training in Canada, be sure to visit VICTORY UAV for a list of options to choose from. Feel free to contact us too – we are happy to provide any information that you might be looking for!

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