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Fly Right! 6 Reasons You Need Drone Classes Before You Take to the Sky

Operating a drone takes skill and know-how, and as each new generation of drones becomes more sophisticated and the rules out of Transport Canada become more mature, it pays to take drone classes to ensure you’re always flying right.

6 Reasons You Need Drone Classes

Get the Most From Your Drone

The biggest reason to take classes isn’t safety or compliance, and if you think it is you’re underestimating what you can learn from a great drone class. Just as your mobile device almost certainly has features you’ve never taken advantage of, today’s top-of-the-line drones are capable of far more than many pilots know.

There are all kinds of useful features on your drone, and once you know how to use them, you’ll be doing things you never imagined with your drone. You probably know, for example, that most drones have a “return to home” function; but did you know you can re-calibrate your drone’s return feature to bring your drone “home” to something as small as the deck of a boat?

Learn How to Take Better Pictures

Many drone operators get their drone so they can take great pictures. Unfortunately, no matter how great the camera you put on your drone, you won’t get the amazing pics you want unless you’re a master at controlling the drone that carries that camera.

Most people approach drone photography thinking like photographers first and drone pilots second. If you reverse this approach, you’ll find yourself taking the best shots of your life.

Master Safety Skills

You need to stay safe. You also have to keep everyone around you safe, and you don’t want to forget keeping your expensive drone investment safe, too! The vast majority of drone crashes happen in the first couple minutes after an operator opens the box; but with drone classes you’ll learn everything you need to know to keep yourself, others, and your equipment safe.

Do you know how to manipulate all the settings on your drone, on the fly and in the moment? Can you calibrate the GPS correctly? There are issues with flying drones that have nothing to do with your actual flying ability, yet these issues will affect how much you can get from your drone and how safely you can fly it. In your drone class, you’ll learn all the best practices to keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Stay in Compliance

Under new Transport Canada rules in place since June of 2019, you not only need to get your basic or advanced pilot’s certification before you can legally fly: you also need to show that you’re keeping up with training. Every two years at the most you’ll need to show proof that you’ve attended a seminar or drone class to keep your drone knowledge up-to-date.

Be Better Positioned to Work With Your Drone

If you want to do more with your drone than just use it for personal enjoyment, passing a drone class will add legitimacy to your CV and position you to take the best jobs. Customers want to know that you’re an expert at what you do. Your basic or advanced certifications are crucial, but you can really stand out from the crowd by showing you’ve taken, and passed, drone classes.

Gain Confidence

Perhaps the most important reason to take a drone class is simply for yourself. As you take your drone classes you’ll grow in skill and become a more confident pilot. That confidence makes flying more fun and will show in all your interactions with potential customers.

Register for Drone Classes Today

To get the most out of your drone and develop as a pilot, contact Drone Pilot Training today and learn how our classes you can help you enhance your skills.

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