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Icing, Wind, and Altitude Risks: How the Right Online UAV Degree Program Just Might Save Your Drone

There are a lot of risks you take when flying a drone. Your aircraft could ice up, causing it to come crashing down from the sky. Fierce winds could blow your UAV off course, causing it to collide with other objects or end in a less-than-spectacular landing. However, there are ways that you can learn to avoid such risks, and enrolling in an online UAV degree program is one way to learn the best strategies to protect your investment.

Through such courses, you can learn how to maneuver your aircraft properly and become a skilled pilot, knowing what to watch out for in order to avoid costly mistakes and crashes caused by icing, wind, and altitude risks. If you’re considering a degree that specializes in operating UAVs, keep reading to learn just how enrolling in an online UAV degree program may help you save your gear and become a better pilot.

The Benefits of Degrees and Certifications

Enrolling in an online UAV degree program can help you learn the risks associated with flying a drone; however, obtaining a simple certification can help you accomplish that, too. You’re probably not going to find a UAV degree program that’s 100% online; though you can take classes that will help you work towards your degree. Becoming a degree-holding pilot will take real-life, hands on experience that you’ll likely have to acquire through on-campus classes and training.

With that said, there are courses that will help you get your basic and advanced operations certification online, such as those you can take from A3 UAV. Here are just three of the big flying risks your online courses will teach you how to avoid:


If you’re flying your drone in cold weather, then you may have to worry about icing. When it comes to airplanes, there are ground crews that spray de-icing fluid on the tail and wings to ensure icing doesn’t occur; this is because icing changes the shape of these parts of the plane. Since these parts are aerodynamically crucial, having one of them ice out of alignment can be deadly.

The same thing can happen to a drone, and this will cause problems while you’re in the air. Enrolling in an online UAV degree program can teach you what you need to know to prevent this from happening and what to do if it does.


Heavy winds in some areas have the potential to blow cars off the road, so you can only imagine what fierce gusts at high altitudes could do to your drone. Winds could blow it totally off course to the point that you lose sight of it, or it may cause it to crash, ruining your prized possession.

Taking online courses that train you on recognizing when it’s optimal to fly your drone and what to do should you ever encounter wind hazards could end up saving you a ton of cash in the long run. Being a masterful and knowledgeable pilot is the key to being prepared and keeping your drone for the long haul.

Altitude Risks

There are definitely risks to flying your drone at high altitudes. Taking an online training course or working towards a degree in UAV operation can help you understand your legal limitations when it comes to how high your drone can fly and how to handle the conditions that arise when you’ve got your drone high in the air.

An Online UAV Degree Program Could Save Your Drone

If you want to make sure you’re flying safely and legally, then enrolling in an online program or training course could be the answer. Nice drones are often pricey, and if you want to avoid a costly mistake, then you need the knowledge to operate your UAV effectively. To get more information on online UAV degree programs or take an online training course, contact A3 UAV in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

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