The Future Is Now: Drones That Can Fly People

As technology advances, innovators continue to grace the world with more accessible travelling options. Among the first passenger drones was the Ehang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle which was displayed by China-based manufacturer Ehang. As more drones continue being manufactured, there have been plans underway to come up with passenger drone options such as flying taxis for efficient travelling. At VICTORY UAV Pilot Training Canada, we understand that the future is now and we offer the best expert staff ready to equip you with all the information you need before being able to legally fly a drone yourself. Below, you will see a series of points that show why you should obtain your drone license requirements and begin a new career in a surging industry.


What Does The Future Of Passenger Drones Hold?

The flying taxi plan is about to take the transport system to a new level. According to a Morgan Stanley Research Study, the flying taxi market is expected to yield $1.5 trillion globally by 2040. This means that the passenger drone industry is set to see an accelerated growth rate as technology makes its way in easing travel. The results of all these plans are set to yield some specific results such as:

Short Travel Time

Although it’s not yet clear about passenger drone capabilities, it’s strongly believed that they will reduce travel time compared to airplanes. This is especially true in the cities where traffic congestion is prone in peak hours. Passenger drones will be the chosen escape route away from traffic, as people try to get to their intended destination in time. Another major plus is that the speed of passenger drones is higher than any other mode of ground transport.

Reasonably Priced 

Passenger drones are being created more and more every day. They are designed to be a fun and exciting way to travel. Going on vacation is set to become easier than ever with the ability to book an affordable package that includes all the things you need. As commercial travel restrictions lengthen, private restrictions seem to be the solution for most. However, this comes with a heavy price tag. Flying private brings with it a price tag of $10,000 on average depending on the destination and length of travel involved. Drones are speculated to be cheaper than private jets, which means that in the future, they are more likely to replace jets as more people opt-in for affordability.

Guaranteed Safety

A common fear and a major concern many people have on drones is whether safety is guaranteed. Although regulations are yet to be set for passenger drones, there are still many things that can go wrong with automation.  In most cases, the risk levels are similar to helicopter and airplane rides. As with all other aircraft, passenger drones will go through a series of rigorous safety tests and flight simulations in order to adhere to different policies and safety requirements set by the international aviation community. With all of these advances has come a need for more pilots to know how to fly these passenger drones. 

What Are The Drone License Requirements?

With more passenger drones in development, there will be an increasing need for more pilots in the drone industry. Taking the chance to learn how to fly a drone at VICTORY UAV Pilot Training will be the best decision you have ever made. Here are some of the pre-requisites you must obtain before signing up for our training:

  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Be at least 14 years of age or older
  • Ensure you are mentally and physically fit
  • Pass in the initial aeronautical knowledge exam

Once you are done with training, you can either apply for a basic certificate or an advanced certificate.

Basic Certificate

The basic certificate allows for very basic operations. This certificate only requires you to pass the basic exam, be older than 14 years old and that’s it! Once you receive a passing grade you will be designated as a Basic Drone Operator.

Advanced Certificate

In order to obtain your advanced certificate, you will need to pass an online exam on advanced operations, be older than 16 years old and complete a flight review. Once completing these requirements successfully, you will be designated as an Advanced Drone Operator.

An advance in technology means an advance in skills. The innovation of passenger drones comes with many advantages and you don’t want to be left out. Right now is the most opportune time to get involved in a revolutionary industry. Each passing day, we are getting closer and closer to regulations that will be set by governing bodies to make passenger drones a routine daily thing. With our accreditations, you can acquire the best training at VICTORY UAV Pilot Training to obtain your drone license requirements, and advance your career in drone operations. Contact VICTORY UAV Pilot Training Canada today and learn with the best.

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