How To Earn Money Flying A Drone

Have you recently acquired your drone license or are you planning to sign up to receive your license? You could be heading towards one of the most rewarding career paths if you play your cards right!

UAV pilot training, such as those modules offered through VICTORY UAV in Canada, can help you get Transport Canada Certification that will allow you to offer your services commercially. If you are wondering how viable making money flying a drone could be, we have several exciting options that you could consider. Have a look below at how having a drone license will work in your favour.


1. Enhance your photography business with drone photography

Want to offer a service that not every photographer could offer? Once you have completed your UAV pilot training, and have all the necessary qualifications, you will be able to take beautiful drone shots that wedding parties will love. From large group photos that are often hard to capture with conventional cameras, to even more scenic shots, you will definitely benefit having that drone license at hand and be able to boost your business.

2. Work together with real estate agents for aerial photography

Once you have acquired your Transport Canada Certification, you can consider working together with real estate agents in Canada to create beautiful aerial photography. Often, bigger properties or property lots can be difficult to photograph with general photography; however, with drone photography, you can capture properties of scope and help your real estate partners to create enticing visuals that could hook a perfect sell with prospective clients!

3. Consider inspection services and aerial surveillance

Having received UAV pilot training needn’t limit you to photography only – you can also offer inspection services to clients, such as those in the construction industry who need “eyes” on every facet of their projects, or even owners of ranch properties and farms in Canada who need an aerial view of their properties surveillance or other reasons.

4. Tap into the trend of oil and gas surveying

Drone services will remain vital for scanning well sites and pipelines for leaks, as well as getting an overview of sites and taking pictures. This important service will ensure structures are properly monitored and maintained.

5. Adapt your services to offer assistance in search and rescue operations 

Drone services can play an important part in search and rescue operations as they can help authorities to target areas that are hard to scope or difficult to navigate. If you are willing to offer such a service, you could play an immeasurable role in disaster relief as well as potentially saving lives!

6. 3D Surveying

Orthophotogrammetry done with Drones is a way to create digital 3D models which can be used for a number of applications.

Get the Transport Canada Certification you need and carve out a new career path today! 

VICTORY UAV offers a variety of courses to assist you in earning your drone licence and further your career in this exciting field. Contact us today to receive government required drone pilot training – dial 780-513-6233 or send an email to support@victoryuav.ca for more information on the courses we offer. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you carve a possible new career path in drone services in Canada!


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