Micro Drones & The New Selfie

Social media has become such an integral part of modern-day life, and selfie images are everywhere! Selfies can let our friends know what we are up to, show off our travels, or be used to influence others online. The development of smartphones has allowed us to capture better, higher resolution images over time, but micro selfie drones take this one step further, allowing us to capture wider angles and more dramatic shots. Here at VICTORY UAV Pilot Training Canada, we offer training to all drone users in line with Transport Canada Certifications, ensuring that they are trained within the law to operate drones safely – we help prepare you for all levels of the drone exams and ultimately achieve your drone license so you can take the selfies of your dreams.

 Why a Selfie Drone?

While professional cameras on tripods are great, and selfie sticks can get you a slightly wider angle, small micro drones with the ability to take selfies can increase the quality of your images and open up picture possibilities that were not as easily achievable previously. These drones are small, foldable, transportable, and have many advantages.

As a selfie drone doesn’t have to stay in a fixed position or be held by your arm, it allows you more creativity when deciding the image position and distance, allowing you to capture shots from different perspectives including aerial shots.

Many selfie drones have professional quality cameras that capture high-resolution images allowing you to create premium content. Some also come with different features such as vision sensors and movement sensors to ensure that you are correctly in the frame. Flying selfie drones can take practice, and although basic training from VICTORY UAV Pilot Training Canada will help you pass the drone exam and acquire your drone license, our practical drone training will help you control the drone effectively, in line with Transport Canada Certifications.

Things to Consider When Buying a Selfie Drone – Drone Exams, Portability, and Functionality

When buying this new technology, it is important to consider a few factors before investing.


Buying a micro drone is a great way to capture content and images on our travels, but it is important for the drone that you have chosen to be portable to allow you to move it between locations easily.  Before buying a drone, check the measurements and weight specifications to ensure that it is the right fit.

Image Stabilization

As drones move through the air, it is important to make sure that they have image stabilization technology to ensure clear pictures and avoid blurriness.

Drone Features

Depending on the type of images that you are planning on taking, look at the different intelligent features that the microdrone you are considering has to offer. Some will contain visual sensors, while some have GPS tracking. Look for drones with a timer so that you can set up your shot before taking the image.

A Drone Licence

Within Canada, to be able to legally fly a drone over 250g, you need to obtain a drone license and aim to sit a drone exam if you are looking for more advanced training. VICTORY UAV Pilot Training is a Canadian company that provides this training, in line with Canadian government guidelines. All our staff are experienced and hold Transport Canada Certifications. If you are considering purchasing a selfie drone, or already have one and require the necessary training, our helpful staff are waiting to help you – contact us today.

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